Sunday, June 6, 2010

Learn Series Cares about Your Health.

I set out to my local blood bank to donate blood. If you have ever given blood before, you know one of the first things they do is take your blood pressure. Well my blood pressure was so high the blood bank wouldn't even allow me to give blood. I immediately called up my general practitioner and was able to get in to see him that day.

I just assumed he was going to increase my blood pressure medication and everything was going to be okay. Guess what? Instead of giving me more medication, he told me to lose some weight, ten pounds to be exact. I bargained with him a little and we agreed that in the next 3 months I was to lose 8 pounds. Unfortunately, I had a big problem I still had 3 containers full of Christmas cookies to finish. So, I didn't start to lose weight for about 5 weeks, until the cookies were complete.

Well, I started a little dieting, a little exercising and reduced the number of candy bars I was eating and lost some weight. I was able to shed more than the agreed upon 8 pounds, more than 10 pounds, I lost a lot of weight. In this section of the YouCanLearnSeries website, we will discuss the things I did to lose weight and I will even tell you how much I lost. But, the losing the weight story is more than reducing food intake or increasing exercise, it was a change in my mindset. A change you can make in your life, if you want to make that kind of change. I want you to be happy, healthy and full of life, we are gonna help you change into the person you want to be, with the friends, money and health you want to surround yourself with. These are the concepts we will discuss in the coming months ...

  • How to Eat Right and still Indulge Your Sweet Tooth.
  • Exercising the Easy way.
  • Ten Mental Tips to Increase Your Income
  • A Lesson I Learned Late in Life, But not Too Late.
  • Why Saving Money is Good for your Health
  • How to Enjoy the Good Life on a small Salary
  • Relaxing the Gardening Way
  • Sunshine on My Shoulder
These are articles you will find in the coming months on this website. Stop by and see how we can help you travel around the sun a little better, a little richer, a little thinner and a whole lot happier. If you have read this far, then you are looking for something. Maybe you aren't quite sure, but in the articles coming, we will flesh out your hopes, dreams and expectations for the future. We are going to brighten your future and ensure your success. When I was in my late twenties, I would play basketball with the neighborhood boys and we would talk sports, cars and running. One boy came by my house one day and we talked for over an hour on his desire to be a better runner on his high school cross country team. Something we talked about inspired him to excel and he ran times faster than ever before. But just before the big conference race he came to me and I let him down. I had an opportunity to inspire him, to lift him up to the success he dreamed of, but I failed. We will discuss what I said right and what I didn't do to help this youngster achieve his goals.
Like this young man you have great ability inside you. Let's take a journey together over the next few months and see if you can achieve your "Great Expectation". I believe you can. Stop by once a week and read the latest article, reread articles that have inspired you. I see great things in your future. Good Housekeeping (1-year auto-renewal)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Golf Swing Tips

How to get more Swing Tips ...?