Monday, March 28, 2011

5 Mistakes That You Absolutely Must Avoid Making Around Women! Read This Before It's Too Late!

The reasons behind why women feel attraction don't make much logical sense to most men. Men will feel attraction for a woman if she is good looking. The same is not the case for women. Their attraction towards us is something much more complicated. It happens on a much more emotional level. Women feel attracted towards men based on the feelings they get around certain men and not because of looks or money. I will explain to you some of the common mistakes that you should avoid making around women that will kill her attraction for you.
Giving her too much attention
Putting a particular girl on the top of your priority list is going to make her lose her interest in you. You want her to think that you have a lot of things going on in your life that keep you occupied. Have other activities that interest you. Play sports, get a hobby, and if she texts or calls while you are watching a movie, let her know that you are busy.
Acting needy and insecure
Neediness and insecurity are probably the two most unattractive qualities to women. They are signs of weak character and she is going to pick up on it sooner or later. Be confident in yourself and don't get too emotionally attached to a girl so much so that she becomes the most important thing in your life.
Being judgmental
Women never like guys who tend to analyze and judge. Be easy going and just worry about having a good time. When you are carefree and confident, other people will tend to want to be in your company and have a good time.
Revealing your feelings too early
Even though women will really badly want to know how you feel about them, they lose interest in you once they know that you like them. Humans have a tendency to lose interest in things once they have them, and the same goes for attraction.
Getting sucked into the trap
There is nothing wrong with having a long term relationship with a girl that you really like. The only thing is that you shouldn't let is detract from other aspects of your life. You should be able to strike a balance between your relationship and other aspects of your life, such as health and finance.
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

8 Tips and how slim Japanese woman


Japanese women slim For those of you women who while reading this article are slim body craved. And is there not praying slender tips that must be successful 100%. Stars have a way of how slim naturally. But the road was not a gold star makes it than Japanese women.
If we look at most Japanese women slim. Very rarely do we see fat people in japan (Remembering the words of my Japanese teacher in high school). Then if the Japanese society to hide a secret way to be slim from this world.
Apparently not! Only we are not ever want to see it. And what are the tips slender style Japanese woman? This is it! Read carefully, because I will not repeat:
8 Secrets of Japanese women to be slim naturally. 1. Fish Japanese woman was eating fish around 69 kg per year. Replace ground meat meals with fish other than one way to slim .. it also can be to derive the risk of disease jantung.Oh yes their favorite fish is salmon. 2. Soy sauce Japanese society is also consumed soy with large numbers. From the research that there could even be up to 10 times that of other countries in the world. For tips on this slim, now you can say WOW!
Why can become a way slim? because the soy sauce in Japanese society has a low content of fat and calories. As well as having a high protein.

3. Fresh fruits and vegetables For those of you women who often try a variety of tips langing, must have known that one way menjad slim is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Japanese Women do it .... And it's time you also do to make it slim.
4. Soybean How slim is to provide a natural food with ingredients from soy. And it has become mandatory for Japanese women.
5. Variety of food Most Japanese people eat a wide variety of food. Even for an elderly Japanese woman. They may eat different foods 100 days. Stars do not know its relationship with slender tips, but this method may be tried. If it fails to do so emang already fat: D

6. Healthy Breakfast If in a country called Indonesia, the breakfast was certainly much less than the lunch and dinner. But unlike the Japanese society. Serves breakfast Japanese women are usually more than the lunch and dinner.
7. Eating noodles
Japanese woman allegedly one of the slender tips is to eat the noodles. Pantes wrote many different kinds of noodles in Japanese society. Example Soba, Udon, Ramen, and Somen.

8. Eat rice
The last of the slender tips, is a relative Japanese women eat very little rice. They just ate two small bowls.

Good luck with Japanese women how slim of this.

Natural Medicine Toothache

Toothache is the most unpopular complaint and can make people emotional. Toothache can be caused by tooth decay or infection of the gums or teeth. This condition can only be treated with dental skills.
But before you go to the doctor, there is an array of natural medicine that works to reduce pain. This is as an emergency measure to cope with the pain temporarily, but if left untreated toothache can happen again. Well, here are some natural ways and materials that are known to reduce pain and discomfort on your teeth, before going to the doctor.
GarlicBased on the book 'Jude's Herbal Home Remedies "written by Jude C. Todd, it is known that garlic can cure a toothache or tooth cavities because it contains antiseptic compounds. Take one garlic clove and place it on a sore tooth. Do it for 5 minutes, then remove the garlic and rinse the mouth with warm water.
TeaIn the book "Prescriptions for Herbal Healing" written by Phyllis A Balch, said that the tea can be used to treat toothache. Hot tea can help eliminate bacteria in the mouth and reduces pain. Meanwhile, warm tea bags can be placed digusi toothache to help stop the inflammation. But should not use the sugar in hot tea.
Ice cubeUsing ice cubes are known to reduce pain and swelling in the teeth and gums. Do I put ice cubes in a bag or cloth to the sore area and leave for 5-10 minutes then remove from heat. Do this twice a day, but if the condition does not improve, get medical attention.
Clove oilA study reported in the Journal of Dentistry in 2006 found that clove oil can relieve toothache. Way to take 2-3 drops of clove oil to the cotton and then rub into the sore tooth. If using cloves should be moistened with saliva before it is put to a sore tooth.
Cayenne pepperCayenne pepper contains capsaicin compounds that function with pain relief. How dissolve chili sauce into hot water, dip the cotton, squeeze a little and place it on a sore tooth.