Friday, April 15, 2011

3 Steps Guide To Make Over Your Face

Do you want appear to be different from your daily life? Just do it "make over" on your appearance, especially on the outward appearance make up. Not just beautiful, but also charming. Make over is the best way to change her appearance. Technically, this activity is to conduct an update of makeup worn appearance today and change it to a new look. The success of a makeover will make a woman look beautiful, and younger and more refreshed. Make over was not only pleased and feel more sexy, but also instill confidence on the new look. To be successful the event "make over", this is it three parts that need to be the focus of the update.

Match your makeup with the color tone of skin

Having smooth skin is the key to success makeup. Acne or damaged skin will make the difficult process of a makeover. Therefore, begin the process of a makeover by cleaning the skin. Apply moisturizer to the entire face and neck area. Use a liquid concealer and dab on spots that have black or red in the face. If you have a reddish face excessively, use a yellow concealer to turn off the color. Use also highlights the liquid to minimize under-eye circles and unevenness in the skin around the eyes. Before applying makeup, you should do a test first. Do not try to make up in the hand or arm skin, because these parts generally have a darker tone than your face. Hence, successive tests done on the cheeks and jaw line. This will provide you with the correct guidelines to determine the best color. Use make-up with color choices are close to your own skin color. If you use a liquid makeup, use a sponge to flatten help make up the starting from the forehead down to the bottom. After that Dab with makeup brush to sprinkle talcum powder on your face.
Choose colors that match your face and make your face look beautiful.


Use a professional brush for applying blush. Slowly, blush brush slowly from the right by gently toward the upper cheek bones and sweep forward. After that, you can put a scrap of strokes on the cheeks to the entire face including the nose, forehead, and chin.

Eyes and lips

There are many ways to apply eye makeup. You may be able to practice to find the look that's right for you. For makeup on eyelids, use a darker color, especially on bone accent the eyes, starting from the outside and inwards. Put all the black eyeliner on the top of your eye. Start the highlights from the outside to the inside along the lash line and across the eyelids. After that, use mascara to give the impression of tapering to your eyes. For best results, brush your eyelashes two to three times use mascara. After all is resolved, use lipstick color that match with clothes and make up that you wear. Well, you were prepared to show a distinct change from the usual appearance.A World I Never Made

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tips To Get Smooth Skin and Get Glowing Skin Naturally

It is very important to take care of one's skin and with the current weather conditions your skin care just goes for a toss. It is an integral part like you take care of your teeth. Everyday care and moisturizing helps your skin in a very long run. It can make a good amount of difference once you start taking care of your skin. When I say skin it doesn't mean your face is the only thing that has to be taken care and you should take care of your whole body.
If you want to know how to get soft smooth skin, here are some simple tips to help that become a reality. It doesn't matter whether you have an oily or dry complexion as these works well for either.


Getting enough sleep is really important as this is the time your body recharges and your skin replenishes. It is good to get between 6-8 hours if possible but not to get much more than this or it can have the opposite effect.

If you want to know the most important time for your skin it's between midnight and 4am. This is the all important time when it heals and why people who regularly go to bed late have those black circles under their eyes.

Drink More Water and Take Fish Oils

Now I am sure you have heard this a thousand times about water but it really is true. Water is the foundation of good health and drinking eight glasses a day will really help your skin stay healthy and you will notice that it begins to feel softer and have an improved texture.

Fish oils may be great for your heart but did you know they can help to reverse the signs of aging too? Premium oils contain powerful antioxidants like astaxanthin and lycopene which help to increase the thickness, decrease scaling and reduce the roughness of the skin by up to 60%.


Many of us are guilty of not drinking enough water and 6-8 small glasses a day will really help to hydrate your skin.

This helps toxin elimination and improves the texture and tone of your skin. Many quality creams contain natural hydrating oils like Jojoba, Avocado and Grapeseed oil which help to keep the moisture in naturally.


Often overlooked for getting smooth skin, exfoliating helps to remove the dead skin and allow better absorption of moisturizers for example.

It helps to unclog the pores, keep the surface clean and help to reduce acne breakouts too. Care should be taken not to overdo it, especially on sensitive areas like the face or it can lead to dry and irritated patches.

Harmful Chemicals
One of the most common problems to getting smooth skin is the presence of harmful chemicals in everyday creams and lotions. You may not believe just what goes into most of them today including parabens as preservatives, mineral oils and fragrances.

These can strip away your natural oils, clog up your pores and have been linked to rashes, infections and even cancer. Anything you put on your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream and should therefore be as natural as possible to work with your body and not against it.