Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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The surgical wounds consequence of incisions realised in some procedure can be which any person has been put under. Generally, these wounds are closed with sutures, staples or glue, and the majority begins to heal to the few days of the surgery.

The care of the wounds can continue during days or weeks, following the type of hurt and the general health of the patient, and is crucial to prevent the infection and to reduce the risk of postoperative complications. To know how to cure surgical wounds also it will reduce the risk of scars important and of repeating the operations.

It applies a compressed one of ice on the surgical wound during 15 minutes, at least every 4 hours, both does this first days after his surgery. This will reduce to the swelling and the bruises and to help him to accelerate the healing.

It changes his bandages as it indicates his doctor and only after correctly washing to the hands with water and soap. It smoothly throws the bandage of the wound and is careful of not removing the puntadas ones that can be captured in the bandages. Generally, the original bandage will have to remain at least in its place during days, unless it is soiled or it is soaked with blood. If it has doubts of how to cure wounds, asks consultant's office a nurse.

To return to its doctor in the predicted date so that they clear to him the sutures is important. Some points dissolve in case single and they do not need to be removed by a doctor. His surgeon will say to him what type of stitches was used during the procedure.

He twice washes to the wound with water and soap or a saline solution to the day with taken care of to rinse or rubbing smoothly with a humid gauze. He does not rub the wound and he remembers not to use soaps or chemical agents in the affected zone. His doctor would indicate to him that type of products to use and which are the best forms so that you can learn like curing wounded in his house.

He hopes to take a shower or to bathe until his surgeon says to him that he is well doing it. In the majority of the cases, the patients with small surgical wounds can be taken a smooth shower after a day or two of the surgery. Aseg├║rese of which the surgical wound with smoothness is dried, but thoroughly.

It uses a topical antibacterial ointment in his wound if his doctor has prescribed it. This is due to apply whenever it changes the bandages, and after each cleaning of the surgical wound.

Always this kind one to the symptoms of infection in the surgical wound. Its wound can be infected if inflation or reddish note is seen, also if smells bad or has pus. If some of these symptoms appears, consults its doctor to obtain additional instructions of how curing wounded infected.

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