Sunday, May 8, 2011

Marijuana for medical world

It is well known since the age of using medical marijuana can actually help the person who was hurt because of her health condition to heal. Medical researchers who have tried repeatedly stressed that the public form of alternative medicine can really help people out there who are dealing with the disease, but without an overdose of myself than that.

But what can be achieved through the health benefits of alternative medicine? It is possible to treat, according to medical research in the state of California is 300 000 cases of migraine in the country in 2010 only through the use of alternative medicine. And was 25 percent in 300000 women and 8% of males. So, with this report, we can not really justify the benefits of using marijuana for medical purposes are good.

Relieve the symptoms of chronic diseases - other concluded from the Institute of Research, based in the United States that the cannabis plant can help to treat the symptoms of chronic diseases such as Crohn's disease that marijuana is good in treating diarrhea, nausea and even. Give you an idea, marijuana substance called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which in 1985 approved by the FDA for use in the treatment of nausea.
Help prevent the attacks - these drugs help to relax our muscles marijuana. He also has a 'krampwerende "Quality is a very effective treatment for seizures.

This helps to treat glaucoma - can be cured eye problems at this time, and the appropriate use of the drug cannabis, so you can be sure that the pressure in your eyes will quickly disappear. Cannabis helps reduce eye pressure in the eyes of glaucoma patients.

Marijuana drug helps to relieve or reduce the Tourette Syndrome Tic people - proven medical marijuana medical delay unnecessary Tech also in patients who suffer from Tourette syndrome. There are about 300000 people in the United States who suffer from this syndrome and only a small part of it knows that marijuana, when used correctly, can reduce tics in fact caused by the syndrome.

This can help reduce the pain of women during the first menstruation - women who have a lot of time in the menstrual period may suffer the abuse of cannabis. According to research by a group of European researchers to marijuana to ease the pain of severe premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

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