Saturday, May 15, 2010

Diet Before and After Workouts

Our Body Structure is always an added advantage to us if we have a attractive figure. To maintain our body in shape we do a regular workout, swimming and so on. Laziness of a person always put him on weight and he gets over weighted and flabby body. To recover from such flabs and toning the body in right way here are some steps which can improve a lot.

1. Avoid Tea:
Tea is one of the ill factor which increment your body gesture. If you wish to shape yourself then you have to ditch up your cup of tea. You can instead take green tea as gives your metabolism a different edge to move up. So try to avoid your regular tea and give priority to green tea.

2. Take up some supplement:
One need to take up fat burning supplement in his diet to maintain his physique. One of them is fish oil which helps in burning fat from body fat with great extent. So try to include fish oil in your rather than regular fat oils.

3. Avoid Salt:
Avoiding salt is the advice given by most of the weight loss experts and guess what this helps a lot. People having less quantity of salt in their diet appears to be more slim and less bloated. Excess of salt in the body captures the water in the body which makes a person puffy around stomach and face. So try to have less salt as compared to other food diets.
4.Avoid Sugar:
Sugar is one of the more powerful resource for increasing fat on the body. High sugar always give high calories. One should not take sugar in large extent and play with his body for having risk of sugar. Instead of having high sugar foods one should stick to fiber rich foods which helps in metabolism maintenance and give much better shape to body.
5.Relax the body:
One should not compensate over the rest a body should have. While you rest you decrease your stress level to its most. And studies always shows stress is main factor to increase body weight so avoid thinking about the topics which gives you stress and relax with meditation to decrease body fat.
These are simple tips which can guide you rejuvenate your body and maintain the balance of metabolism to tone up your body. Simple things can make changes which can not be done by doing rash and hard work outs. So think over and start loosing your weight to tone up your
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