Saturday, May 8, 2010

Top 10 Affordable Weight Loss Programs .

How to Lose Weight on a Budget!

The top books on the market discuss a diet plan to follow. You can follow the Atkins plan that is low carb and high protein. The problem with his plan is that it allows you to eat little fiber or fruits but plenty of fat and that has caused some, including Dr. Atkins, a number of health problems. Here are the top 10 affordable weight loss programs.
1 The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet Plan is a healthier alternative because the plan encourages eating fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and meats so the food groups are allowed. There are a few "reward" meals high in fat so they shouldn't be consumed often.
2 Choose To Lose is another decent option allowing lean proteins, cereal, fruits, and vegetables. You are given a fat amount that you are not to exceed yet you can spend it your way. Once you have consumed the fat, that is your allotment for the day.
3 The Dash Diet encourages you to follow the Food Guide Pyramid guidelines and keep your carbs whole grain. This plan is mainly to lower cholesterol and blood pressure but it provides decent weight loss benefits with the added bonus you can eat plenty on this plan including lots of breads and pastas.
4 Eat More, Weight Less by Dr. Ornish is more targeted to vegetarian diets because of the lack of meats and eggs.
5 Eat Right For Your Type This book follows the belief that different blood types have different nutritional needs though there is no supportive evidence or research.
6 The Pritkin Principle is a fairly healthy diet but is not for people who eat a lot of meat, the plan calls for some lean proteins but not much. It does limit saturated fats and focuses on fruits, vegetables, soups, pastas, and oatmeal so there are some nutritional benefits just make sure you get enough calcium in your meals.
7 Volumetrics is similar to the Pritkin Principle and encourages you to eat plenty of produce. Your fat intake is limited but this diet is respectfully healthy and suggests against crackers and cookies. It is a lower calorie plan.
8 The Zone is a healthier option to Atkins because it recommends lean meats and proteins but tends to run low on suggestions for calcium.
9 Weight Watchers offers many great programs and publications to help you plan your own meals and learn to make smarter food choices on your own with help and support from their program and its consultants.
10 Better Fitness offers a results based online weight loss program. More than just a book they offer customized exercise programs and nutritional plans, and access to a personal trainer. You are able to see your progress online with support and get a refund if you're not happy.
A doctor's opinion and approval is recommended if you are considering any of these plans, to ensure they are not harmful to your health. It is important to know if your body can handle high protein low carb diets or restrictive fat plans before beginning. Find a way to eat better without following a boring meal menu and you are more in control of the system. Visit this free blog to learn all about these great programs and find articles on better health.

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