Thursday, May 13, 2010

Walking For Health - Reduce Stress Naturally

Walking for health is a great way to reduce stress naturally. Most people today are familiar with what stress and anxiety feels like. When the body is stressed, it releases hormones that prepare you for a fight or flight response. As a result, your body gears up to deal with the stressor by quickening your pulse, raising your blood pressure, shortening your breath and clenching muscles.

While the flight or fight reaction may be helpful in dealing with certain stressful situations, in many instances there is to much pent up energy and few ways to release it. For instance, as you encounter traffic on your way to work you may feel anger or stress when another car cuts you off or traffic is backed up. But rarely do you have the opportunity to express the anger and stress that you feel. You sit in the car your stress levels building. As a result of being inhibited, these stress responses may do serious damage to the body in the long run, translating into high blood pressure, ulcers, headaches, depression, anxiety, and a host of other ailments.

Walking is an excellent way of releasing this energy. Walking for health leads to reduced stress and has a host of other benefits. When one walks, the cardiovascular system in the body; the part of the body that is responsible for distributing oxygen and circulating blood to all organs works better. Regular walking for health promotes better heart functioning and leads to a reduction in heart conditions like stroke, high blood pressure and build-up of bad cholesterol.

Over time and with regular walking for health, your body slowly starts converting fat into muscle, giving you a leaner, fitter body and reduced body weight (provided its combined with the right diet); your flexibility improves, and bone density improves which results in a reduced risk of osteoporosis. There is also evidence which shows that walking aids better digestion, reduces the risk of colon cancer and helps keep insulin in check.

Apart from this, endorphins, or happy hormones get released into your blood stream when you are walking for health. This gives you an elevated feeling of well-being.  Bone Strength Take Care 120 tabs

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